The Complete Solution for the Best Harvest

A holistic approach to agribusiness in areas with water scarcity (Arid and Semi-arid areas). This will alleviate the problem of food security and create economic empowerment through food security. The this will help the community realize a new dawn in Agriculture.

The source of life

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Bridging the Digital Divide in Kenya 

Enable access to information and communication technologies to rural and marginalized communities living in and around Itaava village, Nguu Division, Makueni County, Province, Kenya.We will enhance educational standards in the area as well as enable academic excellence and talent development. 

By providing scanners, printers, laptops and internet access at the PFGF Community Library, the local community including local public administration, students, teachers and other members of the community will benefit from modern ways of accessing and 
disseminating information.
This is a community based IT project. It is not institution based, thus easy and free access all members of the public. It is a family supported project.

The Digital room

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