We engage volunteers in our organization through-out the year. This is through mobilization, recruitment, training, engagement and support to volunteers in all the programs.
Quality Education:  We seek to engage Teachers at all levels (students, graduate & retired teachers). University students interested in providing tuition for the needy students, current teachers interested in volunteering their extra time as well as retired teachers would be involved in this. Volunteers donate or mobilize books and other learning resources for the community Library and partner schools.
Healthcare: Health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, Pharmacists e.t.c.), counselors, nutritionists, peer educators and social work professionals are engaged in this program to help the community in health, hygiene and nutrition matters.
Food Security: Volunteers engaged here include agricultural professionals, entrepreneurs, business management professionals, managers, project management professionals. They train the community on maximization on farm outputs, storage and marketing,
Safe Water: Volunteers empower the community on proper water use, treatment, management and recycling. They also educate the community on proper sanitation. They also mobilize resources for water drilling and distribution.
Environment Conservation: We engage volunteers in tree planting (fruit bearing and non-fruit bearing). They are involved in environment conservation and management for a better future.